This is Ups ‘n’ Downs

Ups ‘n’ Downs is a support group with registered charity status, dedicated to helping families and individuals in East Northamptonshire affected by Down’s syndrome. We are based near Rushden, Wellingborough and would be delighted to hear from you or help you in any way we can!

Our Mission

To provide support, aid and advice for children, adults and families affected by Down’s syndrome.

Advice and support for anyone involved in Ups ‘n’ Downs is available on many different levels, with information available on this site and a wide range of resources available through the web links and books/publications which are also listed on these pages.

With a growing number of members, each with a slightly different story to tell, we are able to support families and individuals with first hand experience of bringing up children with Down’s syndrome and dealing with the many medical conditions that can go hand in hand with this.

We also have strong links with many of the developmental and medical agencies and can usually find someone to help, whatever the problem. Links to partner professionals and agencies is provided on the web site.

To increase awareness of Down’s syndrome and to promote positive attitudes and approaches within the local community.

Although society is much more accepting of people with disabilities, sadly there are many outdated opinions and prejudices which are still held regarding people with Down’s syndrome.

Our group is passionate about changing as many of these as we can.

Information about the misconceptions of Down’s syndrome and the correct language to use is available here. We aim to further increase awareness at future fundraising events.

We are also committed to influencing the medical profession to lead by example in this important area.

To provide activities and experience for children and adults with Down’s syndrome to aid development.

Over the past 24 months, with support from the local council, we have established a weekly group where parents and children come together to play, talk and learn.

We have also provided regular Sing and Sign sessions and some of our children have accessed Music Therapy in order to aid their development. Through regular fundraising, we aim to provide more and more opportunities which will be needed by our children in the future.

To provide information and support for educational and medical establishments to promote the inclusion of children and adults with Down’s syndrome.

Medical services and schools are improving significantly the way in which they include and approach people with Down’s syndrome; we want to help and encourage those organisations who are responding positively to this issue.

As a group, we will also challenge those who fail to promote inclusion or who display negative attitudes towards people with Down’s syndrome.

We will support those families and individuals where needed to this end.